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welcome to Agro2Circular. A new European project born to provide a circular solution to two types of waste generated in the agri-food industry: fruit and vegetables waste and multilayer plastic films.

Agro2Circular final objective is the valorisation of agrifood sector waste to obtain high added value products evaluating the impact of this solution from an environmental, social, and economic point of view. This will be our contribution to the European Green Deal and one small step towards a climate neutral Europe.

The first target region of our technological solution is Murcia, in Spain. However, we aim to create a scalable upcycling system that can be replicated in the rest of Europe.

To reach such an ambitious objective, Agro2Circular was set up as a multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary consortium, a partnership between companies, research organisations, academia, non-profit organisations, and policy makers representing the entire value chain, society, the private sector, and the public sector.

Discover which eco-innovative technologies Agro2Circular is working on, such as enzymatic recycling and bioprocesses to produce high value cosmetic products, biodegradable bioplastic, nutraceutical, food industry products and much more.

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Fuensanta Monzó - Project Coordinator

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