Press Release

20 Jul 2023

The Data Information System of Agro2Circular is about to change our approach to waste traceability

Agro2Circular proceeds in its quest towards circularity and waste management, presenting a video about the DIS: a Data Information System which will revolutionize the digitalization of resource allocation and enable real-time traceability

One of Agro2Circular‘s main objectives is to open the way forward sustainable practices in waste management and resource use. By transforming agricultural and food waste into valuable bioactives, new food, and nutraceutical formulations, the project contributes to the development of a circular economy in the agri-food sector, minimizing waste and maximizing the value derived from these resources.

To ensure transparency and accountability throughout the entire process, a cutting-edge ICT platform has been developed, which is briefly explained in a new video. This platform functions as a predictive tool for decision support and enables traceability of the entire production chain, from waste collection to final product. Known as the Data Integration System (DIS), it integrates various data sources and provides valuable insights to project stakeholders, helping all participants to improve their competitiveness and enhancing their ability to make informed decisions.

The DIS is a secure, cloud-based software infrastructure based on blockchain, big data, and Internet of Things technologies: it allows the digitalization of circular processes in which multi-layer and organic plastic is generated and it provides reception, management, consultation and printing of the traceability of agri-food waste sector.

Throughout advanced data analytics techniques, the DIS involves data aggregation, integration and processing, while providing flexibility and security in order to meet the needs of all end-users. This empowers farmers, researchers, and policymakers to optimize resource allocation, identify opportunities for circularity, and enhance sustainable practices, while ultimately implementing the efficiency of the agri-food sector supply chain.

Find out more about the DIS in this video.

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