26 Jun 2024

Successful awards ceremony of the II Edition of the “Circular Game” at the Primafrio Foundation

Last Thursday, June 13, the awards ceremony of the II Edition of the "Circular Game" was held, an activity framed within Agro2circular, at the facilities of our collaborator Fundación Primafrio.

This II Edition of Circular Game counted once again with the participation of more than 300 Murcian students from various educational centers in Alhama and Murcia. After several months, attending workshops on circular economy and programming, these young people have worked on the creation of video games focused on the circular economy.

During the awards ceremony, the winners of the different categories were announced, such as “Greatest Social Impact in Circular Economy”, “Best Technical Development and Gameplay” and “Best Visual and Creative Design”. In addition to the awards, all participants received a diploma in recognition of their outstanding work.

Among the award-winning teams are:

Mini-Primary Category

Highest Social Impact in Circular Economy Award

Team : R7fc

Game: ReciclAlhama (CEIP Ginés Díaz-San Cristóbal)

  1. Pedro Provencio Mora
  2. Raquel Valera García
  3. Andrea Martínez Pagán
  4. Daniel Bautista Aruquipa
  5. Pablo Peña Sánchez

Best Technical Development and Gameplay Award

Team: Verde,

Game: Recoge y Gana (CEIP Príncipe de España)

  1. Alejandro García García
  2. Carlos Chamarro Lamarca
  3. Adriana Gabarrón Leyva
  4. Leticia Romero Cabrera

Best Visual and Creative Design Award

Team:: Nacidos para Ganar

Game: Nacidos para Reciclar (IES Príncipe de España)

  1. Youssef Aiouz Ayadi
  2. Zayd Aynaou
  3. Mohamed Mbaye Diaw
  4. Youness Daoudi
  5. Adam Belmir

Midi-Secondary Category

Highest Social Impact in Circular Economy  Award

Team: ECO-FASHION, Juego: ECO-FASHION (Colegio Buen Pastor)

  1. Lucia Omedes Fernández
  2. Sara Morán Cano
  3. Sara Castillo Chaverra
  4. Valeria Beltrí Barceló

Best Technical Development and Gameplay Award

Team: Technoniños,


  1. Anastasia, Kinka Klym
  2. Daniela, Tejedor Espina
  3. Valeriya, Mosiyash Mosiyash
  4. Kingsley Djangma, Jaku
  5. Sofia, Nahri El Attar

Best Visual and Creative Design Award 

Team: Gamers,

Game The Penguin Family (IES Marqués de los Vélez)

  1. Widad Magraan
  2. Ikram  El Khoumari
  3. Khoulti

The event was attended by the winning Teams and their tutors, as well as representatives of our collaborator, Fundación Primafrio, and prominent personalities from the educational and technological fields. This ceremony has been an opportunity to celebrate the talent of these young people and reflect on the importance of the circular economy in our society.



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