08 May 2023

Tackle the circular economy challenge, join the club

On the 26th of April the Biowaste Club event took place in the Region of Murcia, Spain. And Agro2Circular was there.

Kveloce, CTNC, and CETEC, partners in the Agro2Circular project, took part in the networking event between companies and funders organised by CETENMA and Ayuntamiento de Murcia.

The Biowaste Club event aimed to explore the challenges and difficulties faced by industries in implementing a circular economic model.

The event was attended by projects, organisations, and people from different sectors such as agricultural production, food industry, recycling, plastics manufacturing, and education.

Science for Change ensured a participatory dynamic during the event. The challenges discussed in the Biowaste Club are the current situation of the regulatory and governmental frameworks, the lack of funding, the need for competitive technologies on an industrial scale, the cooperation between actors, and social factors.

The development of a successful circular model for our economy requires a systemic model. Like, for example, the one that Agro2Circular is developing for the agrifood waste industry.

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