05 Feb 2024

Investigating the requirements for innovation: the traceability of new formulations

Advancements in the field of food residues and recycling are not excluded from proving their technical legitimacy

The deliverable D1.1: A2C requirements outlines the technical specifications for multiple products to be developed in Agro2Circular. Throughout the duration of the project, new formulations for food, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics will be created using bio-actives from fruit and vegetable waste. Additionally, plastic products such as biodegradable food packaging and agricultural films, will be developed to ensure traceability and process optimization using Big Data and Machine Learning technologies.

The cultivation of fruits and vegetables generates substantial waste throughout both farming and the supply chain. Agro2Circular marks progress in utilizing this waste by creating new products from the natural bio-actives derived from it. These byproducts include: new food formulations, nutraceuticals, cosmetic formulations, recycled plastics and bioplastic, agricultural film and food packaging, and they all need to meet specific regulations.

The Data Integration System is also included in this analysis: the DIS is an online technological platform that solves industry challenges by collecting data throughout the full life cycle and helps all agents in the supply chain to comply with the european standards of traceability and conformity assessments.

You can read more about this topic here: D1.1 Requirements

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