03 Apr 2024

“How can circularity lead to a potentially zero-waste world?” Agro2Circular gives answers

Agro2Circular partners get on set together for the International Zero Waste Day campaign

As anticipated in the previous news, the #CircularWasteEU campaign was succesfully launched on March 30th in occasion of the International Day of Zero Waste.

On this day, various stakeholders were encouraged to promote sustainable consumption and production, transition to circularity, and raise awareness about zero-waste initiatives, through social media, news, and other activities. The social campaign was organized by ICONS, which is actively engaged in many EU-funded projects on circular economy.

Victor Fabregat (REGENERA), Sofia Martinez (CTNC), and Alba Matamoros (Kveloce) are the three faces of the campaign for Agro2Circular: they answered to the question “How can circularity lead to a potentially zero-waste world?” in short videos that were featured in social media together with all the other projects involved, and also on Agro2Circular YouTube page (you can watch the videos here).




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