16 Jan 2024

“Behind Agro2Circular”: a video exploration of the project’s actions and actors

Agro2Circular launches a new series of video, unveiling who is working behind the scenes, and what is their role

Agro2Circular unveils a new series of video-interviews that offer an in-depth look into the project’s key partners and their work inside the project.

Each episode features a partner who is working on the front line of one of the project’s main actions: from agrifood waste to plastic packaging, from organic recovery to multilayer recycling. Partners from various sectors show their perspective on the utility and the future of the project, and how it is set to shape innovation and sustainability in the agrifood sector. The collaborative effort between these personalities is what makes Agro2Circular a pioneer in products transformation.

Alba Matamoros, from Kveloce, presents her task: the creation of a comprehensive model for the adoption of circular economy at a regional level.

Jaime Ortiz, from CETEC, aims to develop, integrate and distribute digital solutions and presents the Data Integration System.

Jose M. Garcia and Jose M. de la Torre Ramirez, from DMCRC, work on the antioxidant activity of extracts from agrifood waste and their inclusion in nutraceutical formulation.

Salvador Navarro, from Green World Compounding, works on the development of new technologies for multilayer plastic residues.

Sofia Martinez, from CTNC, coordinates the recycling of organic agrifood waste

Don’t miss the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of Agro2Circular: the series of video can be accessed through Agro2Circular youtube channel.

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