19 Oct 2023

Are you ready to enjoy Agro2Circular’s 3rd newsletter? Here it is!

It's time for our third newsletter: enjoy reading about our news and events, discover about the DIS platform, and watch the videos

Dear reader,

Welcome back to Agro2Circular, with our 3rd newsletter that brings together past and upcoming events, news and activities of the project.

We have just undergone the first revision by the European Commission where we had the opportunity to present our achievements and ongoing activities.

Here are a few of our most recent achievements:

– two extraction routes, combining synergistic technologies and using green solvents, have been developed for the extraction of dietary fibre and high added value principles rich in phenolic compounds and carotenoids;

– new different  cosmetic, food and nutraceutical formulations have been prepared and tested using the extracts obtained from fruit & vegetable waste;

PHBV biodegradable plastic has been successfully produced using lemon and apple waste as a sole carbon source.

On top of that, on A2C website you will now see a call to action to the DIS platform, the Data Integration System aiming to solve industry challenges through traceability and decision support tools.

You are also invited to keep watching the videos of our series #WeSpokeWith, made by our partner Primafrio, on A2C official youtube channel.

In the next few months we will keep researching innovations in the circulary economy files and keep progressing in the scaling of the technologies and their integration.

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Fuensanta Monzó – Project Coordinator

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