18 Nov 2022

A week of science and technology in Murcia, Spain

Two Agro2Circular partners, CETEC and CTNC, took part in the Science and Technology Week of Región de Murcia, Spain, on October 21- 23

The Science and Technology Week of Región de Murcia is back for the first time after the pandemic outbreak. The program presented 450 events with the participation of 500 researchers, and our partners were among them. “It was fiction now it’s science” was the motto of the 2022 Science and Technology Week edition. The inspiration for the motto comes from H. G. Well’s novel “The Time Machine”. It is a reminder that most of the tecnology we have nowadays was considered science- fiction until a few years ago. Just look at your smartphone.

In this diffucult times for our planet climate and health, we are looking at science and technologies to find a solution and develop new productive models that are respectful for the environment. Sometimes, circular economy seems as far from reality as Wells’ Time Machine. But we will get there, if we join our forces.

Agro2Circular is a project that tackles the issue of food loss, food and vegetables residues upcycling, multilayer plastics recycling and lack of digitalisation in the agrifood sector. CETEC and CTNC, which are part of Agro2Circular consortium, organised a series of activities for the science week in collaboration with AGROFOOD.

The objective of the activities was to show how agrifood waste from fruits and vegetables can be upcycled, and how to reuse multilayer plastics. With this strategy, it is possible to drive the deployment of the circular economy in Murcia Region, in Spain. This region represents the pilot site, and its strategy and solutions can be upscaled and adapted to other European countries.

During their activities at the science week, partners from CETEC and CTNC showed information panels, multilayer plastic films, extract of agri-food by-products etc. It was a way for the public to see and touch the added value products that are being developed to promote circularity in the agri-food sector.

The most exciting activity among the ones organised by CETEC and CTNC was the pilot course to create a videogame on circular economy. The students who were at the science week took part in a Game Contest on Circular Economy.

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