12 Oct 2022

Working together to make agri-food sector circular

On the 6th of October a webinar was organised in the frame of the circular week to discuss the challenges of the agri-food sector and the possible solutions.

90 minutes, 73 participants, 6 projects, 2 global challenges. The online webinar “making the agri-food sector circular” gave floor to six different European Green Deal projects. They all operates in the agri-food sector to find new technologies and solutions to the biggest problems agri-food industry is facing: greenhouse gas emissions and food losses and waste.

Each project had 10 minutes to present their goals, challenges and research methodologies. ClieNFarms, ENOUGH, SISTERS, ZeroW, Agro2Circular, and FRONTSH1P tackle the same issues of food waste and greenhouse gas emissions. However, each project does it from slightly different angle. Therefore, dialogue and networking are essential to get the whole picture.

The webinar was very participated. People were actively involved, particularly during the Q&A sessions and the final roundtable, showing interest and curiosity towards the other projects.

The very positive experience of the “making the agri-food sector circular” webinar shows that there is plenty of room for collaboration and clustering between European projects to work together for more sustainable future.

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