13 Jun 2023

The circular economy LOOP projects join together for discussing reskilling strategies

The joint EU Green Week partner event once again brought together the four european circular economy projects of the LOOP clusters.

Agro2Circular, FRONTSH1P, CIRCULAR FOAM and EcoeFISHent gathered in Brussels in occasion of the Green Week to further deepen their collaboration through an exchange on stakeholder engagement strategies. Those are critical to the success of the demonstration and implementation of their respective circular systemic solutions, from vegetable waste, to foam, fish parts, and plastic films.

During the event, all four projects presented their topic, objectives and critical points, followed by a roundtable discussion on the importance of implementing the public’s knowledge. The discussion touched several points, such as the involvement of technical producers and infrastructures, and the significance of engagement for making circular value chains a common approach in different fields. The workshop concluded with a revamped joint strategy aimed to further enhance knowledge exchange and collaboration among the LOOP projects.

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