20 Feb 2024

How to plan the collection of food and plastic residues: logistics and tools

The question of how to logistically organize the collection of the different residues of food packaging, organic wastes, vegetables wastes, and agricultural films finds its answer in this document D1.2 Residues Management Plan

This document is a comprehensive plan based on an extensive approach including collection, transportation, storage, logistic and the data for the DIS data tool, and involving multiple stakeholders, especially from the field of organic waste, fruit and vegetables, agricultural films and food packaging.

The first step is the identification of the main waste streams, with the amount of waste varying from year to year according to many factors. Other aspects explored are: waste management within the company, collection and external transport.

The preliminary characteristics of the agri-food wastes and of the multilayer plastic bags are also investigated through data that consider multiple factors such as type, condition and composition of the waste.

Agro2Circular is still currently working on this important part of recycling in order to gather important data that will be a crucial aspect of the circular economy reinvention.

You can read the whole document here: D1.2 Residues management plan 

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