27 Jan 2023

Circular economy is not a game. It is a videogame.

Un aula con alumnado de secundaria, de espaldas. Al fondo, personas  A la izquierda de la imagen se ve la pizarra virtual donde se les explica la actividad

Circular Game is an initiative from the EU project Agro2Circular to teach young people about circular economy in a fun and engaging way.

As part of the European project Agro2Circular, Fundación Primafrio started developing a videogame project called “Circular Game”. This project aims to encourage young students to explore the concept of circular economy, and understand its importance for their future.

The main activity of the Circular Game initiative is the creation of a videogame to actively and interactively involve young people, helping them approach the concept of circular economy in a fun and friendly way. Together with the knowledge of circular economy, students will have the chance to improve their programming and design skills in a multidisciplinary approach.

Un aula con aluknado

Three workshops on videogames design and coding are planned with Arkade Makecode, plus one workshop on circular economy. All of them will be realised with the collaboration of the Talento Stem association.

The students working on the videogame will take part in a big contest on circular economy videogames, with more than 300 students from Alhama y Murcia. The first workshop took place on January 23rd in Alhama de Murcia and the others will take place until May when the contest winners will be revealed.

Stay tuned for more updates on this videogame challenge.

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