13 Nov 2023

Agro2Circular partners in Murcia: a successful meeting for the future of the project

Agro2Circular's General Assembly Meeting was held in Murcia on October 24th and 25th and brought together all partners to conduct a thorough review and strategic discussion about the project.

The meeting encompassed a general project overview, specific discussions addressing progress, activity harmonization, conflict resolution, and important decision-making. Work Package leaders played a crucial role, presenting the milestones achieved  in their task, the status of their activities, next steps and identified risks, and laid out a comprehensive plan for the upcoming year.

The meeting served as a networking and transfer platform for fostering collaboration, and continuing ensuring a unified strategy for the project goals.

Also, an exploitation workshop led by ICONS‘ business and social innovation unit took place: the workshop was focused on risk assessment and was based on the categories and associated risks identified in the project in the framework of the exploitation strategy.

The partners were divided into groups and worked together on the KERs, the evaluation of risks of the exploitation strategies, and the potential mitigation measures.


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