27 Oct 2023

Agro2Circular in Lithuania: tips for finance, social progress and bioeconomy

Agro2Circular was presented in 2 events in Lithuania, a national workshop in Vilnius and an international conference in Kaunas-  focused on tools for waste upcycling and bioeconomy.

The workshop “Green Experiment: New Financing Opportunities for the Development of Environmentally Friendly Technologies” was held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 27 June 2023, and it was organised by The National Innovation Agency and the Ministry of Economy and Innovation.

The main objective of the workshop was to present the new financing tool “Green Experiment”: a tool designed to stimulate the development of innovative environment-friendly technologies, especially those that would enable further use of industrial waste and therefore enhance circular solutions for upcycling industrial waste.

The focus was on the principles of circular economy and industrial symbiosis, industrial waste derived from production processes, and obviously opportunities and conditions for the development of new technologies under the “Green Experiment” measure.

Agro2Circular project was presented in this framework as a good international example in a presentation held by Virginija Kargyte “Industrial Symbiosis: Concepts and Implementation Practice”.

The 11th International Scientific Conference “Rural Development 2023: Bioeconomy for The Green Deal” was held in Kaunas, Lithuania, on 26-28 September 2023, and it targeted mostly universities, research centres and business companies active on this field: the Business and Science Forum “Connecting the Dots: A Roadmap for Lithuanian Bioeconomy Development” on the 26th of September was specially designed for SME’s.

It was organised by Vytautas Magnus University Agriculture Academy of Kaunas and it hosted 240 participants.

This conference was aimed at providing interdisciplinary scientific discussion and presenting new ideas for rural development processes in the context of Bioeconomy, Climate Change, Innovations and Social Progress.

The main topics of Conference sessions were: agro-innovations and food technologies, biosystems engineering and environmental integrity, multifunctional approach for sustainable use of bio-resources, and social research for sustainable bioeconomy and climate change.

Agro2Circular project was presented at The Business and Science Forum “Connecting the Dots: A Roadmap for Lithuanian Bioeconomy Development” as an example inserted in the context at an international level, as a toll for investigating the impact of circular solutions for agri-waste upcycling and to give practical solutions for companies to learn from.

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