18 Mar 2024

Agro2Circular brings partners to Milan: a meeting rich in talks, discussions and Italian food

Agro2Circular consortium met again, this time in a sunny Milan, for the General Assembly marking the 30th month of work of the project.

The 2 days meeting was held at the premises of Bocconi University, in the heart of Milan. Partners involved in different actions of the project presented updates and achievements of their tasks, as well as challenges and potential difficulties to discuss together.

Among the key highlights were presentations featuring innovative technologies such as microwave extraction and enzymatic treatment, specifically engineered for the processes necessary for A2C’s objectives. These advancements promise to revolutionize the efficiency and sustainability of waste extraction techniques, offering a glimpse into the future of agro-waste management.

Moreover, the project’s focus on identifying specific business models was underscored through insightful interviews with demonstration leaders and working groups. Draft business model canvases provided a strategic framework for integrating these technologies into viable commercial ventures, ensuring future sustainability and scalability.

Additionally, the project delved into the validation of packaging solutions, emphasizing the importance of sustainable materials and innovative designs. Through rigorous testing and evaluation, Agro2Circular aims to set new standards for packaging sustainability and performance.The project’s site in Lombardy was presented, which serves as a focal point for analyzing plastic waste, providing valuable insights into the region’s biological waste landscape.

The meeting also mentioned some important activities in the realm of communication and promotion of the project: the recently published journalistic article was presented, as well as the participation to the just-released Zero Waste Day campaign.

The first day ended with a a workshop on exploitation lead by ICONS, where partners were asked to interact via web to do some exercises on the prioritization parameters of the project, such as marketability, meaningfulness, and impact potential.

The theme of sustainability was also present during the evening, as the project dinner was held at Cascina Cuccagna, a historical location of Milan that serves as a proud example of circular economy in its entirety.

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