06 Oct 2022, 14:00-15:30


Making the Agri- Food Sector Circular

Circular Week is almost here! Join this 90 minutes webinar and discover how six European Green Deal projects tackle the issues of green house gasses emissions and food loss and waste.

“Making the Agri-Food Sector Circular” is one of the many events happening during the Circular Week, an initiative that promotes sustainable production and consumption.

This webinar is co- organised by ICONS and EURADA and will see the participation of six European projects that operates in the frame of the European Green Deal: ClieNFarms, ENOUGH, SISTERS, ZeroW, Agro2Circular, and FRONTSH1P. Each of them will give a 10 minutes talk presenting the project, its objectives and methodology. Talks will be followed by a Q&A session and a roundtable discussion.

Don’t miss this chance to know some of the projects that operates in the field of emissions reduction, food loss and food waste. Ask questions and discuss solutions to co-create a more sustainable future for all of us. The event is free and you can register here.

Enjoy the Circular Week and help close the loop!

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